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BBQ Tool


Get the perfect gift for your favorite BBQ enthusiast.

New Rubs!

The Pitmaster has really done it this time.


Never fight with spatulas or tongs again!

A patented BBQ grilling tool to lift your grate and spread your ash!
Use on your pellet grill to move your pellets into the auger!


Safely lift the grate on your BBQ.

Easily move and spread your coals.

Hang it to keep it close.

"This is a very helpful tool..! Go get yourself a pair!"

– @grillogy_q

"No bbq tool set is complete without a pair of these!"

– @7sinsbbq

"See how versatile this tool is...! If you don't have one... you're working too hard!"

– @herndon_eats

 BBQ Rubs

Our very own pitmaster has mixed some spices into delicious rubs sure to delight. Taste the difference.